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Jamie Masefield & Doug Perkins

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Jamie Masefield & Doug Perkins Duo

Known as the creator of the Jazz Mandolin Project, Jamie Masefield continues to expand his musical horizons by teaming up with longtime collaborator, Doug Perkins. Having performed together for 15 years in the Northeast, this Vermont based duo performs in an original, intuitive manner that sets itself apart from Nashville and West Coast styles. Perkins is best known for his experience touring nationally with the band, Smokin' Grass, which made a name for itself at bluegrass festivals throughout the country in the late 90's. On a number of rare occasions the duo has added Phish bassist Mike Gordon to make a trio called "Grappa Boom", but the most noteworthy element has always been Masefield and Perkins' unique ability to mesh, and make a singular sound with seemingly effortless interaction. The acoustic duo performs a wide variety of well known bluegrass tunes, jazz tunes and originals where a normal concert might include pieces by Bill Monroe, Django Reinhardt, Miles Davis and Antonio Jobim.

For Jazz Mandolin Project fans that lean toward hot acoustic pickin, this show is for you!

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Masefield and Perkins have played together often in the past, so the fluidity of their interplay is not surprising, but not to be taken for granted. The notes each played meshed with accuracy and intricacy, whether the selection was a traditional bluegrass tune or a composition from Django Reinhardt. And the knowledge of the music itself was as important as the familiarity with each other as musicians, for it rendered their interaction seemingly effortless. . .Masefield and Perkins generated a discernible momentum, playing with flourishes alone and together, so that when they finished with a medley including Led Zeppelin’s “What Is and What Should Never Be,” the emphatic chording at the conclusion couldn’t have been more uplifting, thought the volume remained comparatively low.-

Review: Jamie Masefield & Doug Perkins, Richmond, VT - July 2, 2005
by Doug Collette for State of Mind Music

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Doug Perkins
Jamie Masefield


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Bill and Django Jamie and Doug at Flynn Theatre on 6/3/05
Angelina Baker Jamie and Doug at Flynn Theatre on 6/3/05
Dark Eyes Jamie and Doug at Flynn Theatre on 6/3/05



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